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Become an IT mentor.

Responsibility desctiption 

IT mentor supports the candidates through their employment. The mentor will support less experienced profiles in more demanding projects, assist them in eliminating technical problems, and monitor and direct them in order to acquire the key skills necessary for their independent work. It is an afternoon job, so potential full-time employment is not an obstacle to apply for an IT mentor position.

We are looking for individuals who have:

⚈ At least 5 years of IT experience
⚈ Passion for mentoring

What we are looking for:

 ⚈ Ability to respond quickly
⚈ Ability to identify problems and solve them
⚈ Good communication skills
⚈ Targeting
⚈ Proactivity
⚈ Interest in technology 

Kaj nudimo:

⚈ Good payment
⚈ Ability to demonstrate your skills
⚈ Work on interesting projects
⚈ Work with different people  

Why become an IT mentor?


Because you remember your beginnings in the IT world when you probably wished you could turn to someone for help.


Because you can definitely identify with endless hours of finding the right solutions.


Because you know that both sides of mentoring process gain experience and knowledge.


Want to share your knowledge with younger and less experienced individuals? Apply for an IT mentor via email [email protected] (subject: IT MENTOR).